Annual Rake-a-Thon Fundraiser Begins for 2016

A note From Mrs. Epperly, School Principal:

It’s time for the RAKE-A-THON, our largest school fundraiser!  While many Catholic Schools participate in the Marathon for Non-Public Education, at St. Jude of the Lake we choose to do a service project as part of this annual fundraiser.  Each student has a goal of $180.00 and the school’s overall goal = $10,080.00.  Our hope is to meet and exceed this goal, as we have done in the past years!

Last week St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School students kicked off their annual service event.  It is the only fundraiser for which we ask our students to actively raise money.

The Rake-a-Thon is also about our students living out their faith through service. On Friday October 28 students, parents and staff will spread out in the Mahtomedi area with rakes in hand to freshen & spruce up yards and play spaces!

If any St. Jude of the Lake parishioners are interested in supporting this annual school fundraiser through time, talent, or pledges, please give the school a call at 651-426-2562 or donate to the Rake-a-Thon online.

If you attend Mass at our parish this weekend you will also find decorated envelopes in the pews week to make your donations.