A Splash of Success: Fifth Graders Release 225 Trout into Browns Creek

🌊🐟 Into the river and through the woods, our fifth graders released 225 young trout into Browns Creek in Stillwater in May 2024! 🌿🐟 The class teamed up with Minnesota Trout in the Classroom and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to raise trout from eggs to fingerlings and set them free into local trout streams. 🎣✨

This year, we were honored to secure the Minnesota Watershed Grant once again allowing us to take part in this favorite learning experience once again. Our students have been enthusiastically involved in the Minnesota Trout in the Classroom program since 2018, creating a dynamic riverbed right within our classrooms to nurture over 200 trout eggs into mature fingerlings. As part of this immersive experience, the students embarked on a memorable excursion to Stillwater’s Browns Creek for the exhilarating release of the grown trout.

What’s more, as a part of this program, our school has been buzzing with exciting activities, including immersive field trips where students get to don waders and collect bugs in Browns Creek, learn to go ice fishing on White Bear Lake, enjoy thrilling snowshoeing adventures, and even learn the art of crafting their own fishing lures. Stay tuned for more incredible updates from our vibrant school community!