Parenting Tips

Discover “The Glory of God” – A Must-Read for School Families!

Exciting news has come to our school recently! We’ve had the privilege of receiving a copy of the inspiring book, “The Glory of God” by Maria J. Bain, President of JMJ Press, and illustrated by the talented Dave Hill. We’re thrilled to share our experience and wholeheartedly encourage other families to purchase and delve into …

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5 Tips For Teaching Your Kids Delayed Gratification

Many of our kids are growing up with the mentality that there is something inherently painful or wrong with waiting. The media and society in general keeps telling them so. Yet waiting can be one of the best character-building tools available, encouraging patience, wise money management, and industriousness. Delayed gratification leads to a deeper appreciation of the thing that they worked hard and waited for, as well as practical lessons on the value of money and a good work ethic.

How to Get Your Stubborn Child to Listen (and Work with You)

It can be difficult as a parent to know what to do when your child starts acting stubborn. It seems ingrained in some children to be full of sass, and they do it to the best of their abilities. This leaves a lot of parents pulling out their hair, wondering what to do. How can you get your child to listen to you and work with you rather than do the opposite of whatever you say?