International Baccalaureate

As an IB World School, we tap into our students’ natural curiosity and inspire them to ask questions, seek understanding and become life long learners in a rapidly globalizing world.

Why the IB Primary Years Program at St. Jude of the Lake?

At St. Jude of the Lake, we strive to fully prepare children for their future by developing their minds, faith and character and to help our students achieve a deeper awareness of their responsibility to God, their community, the world at large, and themselves. We fulfill this mission through our commitment to academic excellence, worship and service to others.

With its emphasis on developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect, the IB program enhances the great work that is already taking place at St. Jude and complements not only our mission but the mission of the Catholic Church. It takes the best of what we are already doing and focuses it on the total growth of each student to foster academic excellence through inquiry and to motivate students to seek to understand their place in our global world.

Student Outcomes

Already recognized for a 60-year history of providing a strong Catholic education to children in kindergarten through grade 5, as the first Catholic International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program School in the Midwest, St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School is now also recognized for its leading role in defining the future of Catholic elementary education.

The total number of IB diplomas awarded in Minnesota has increased steadily over the past 2 decades…

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“IB has a proven track record of being a wonderful, effective way to both learn and teach. Students play an active role in the learning process as they capitalize on their natural curiosity to make meaningful connections between curricular areas and prior knowledge.”
- Mike Langer, IB Coordinator

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