St. Jude of the Lake

Learning Spaces

Students have the opportunity to learn in many different places at St. Jude of the Lake. Every square inch of the school has been purposefully planned to engage students in different ways and to broaden their learning experiences. See our saltwater fish tank by the office!

Outdoor Classroom

The outdoors provides incredible hands on opportunities. Students engage with the natural world in the Butterfly Garden on our front lawn. Teachers can choose to use this space as a way to engage students in a different environment from their indoor classroom.

Differentiated Learning Lab

Art Studio

My favorite thing about art is the teacher. She is very nice, does fun projects, and has a lot of art materials such as markers, crayons, colored pencils, paints, oil pastels, and much more. We get to study many different forms and art and techniques and styles of famous artists.

Science Lab

My favorite thing about the science lab is the microscopes, but there is a lot more than that, like an aquaponics tank. I really liked the experiment where we viewed cheek cells and onion cells. I learned that they both look very different. The onion cell looks like bricks. The cheek cell looks like red dots.


There are lots of fun things to do with a lot of your friends. The slide, the sandbox, the monkey bars, the balance beam, and the glider are all super fun. I like to play football with my friends during recess too.


My favorite thing about the library is there are lots of books series and other good books too. There are also audio books too!

Engineering is Elementary

A place that you can create with common items and little inventions blah blah blah.

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