St. Jude of the Lake

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Videos: Step Into St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School

Step inside our building and hear from our students about the many places and opportunities to learn and broaden their learning experiences at St. Jude of the Lake!

Step Inside Our School!

Excellent Hands-On, Faith-Based Learning! Come inside our building and hear from our students about their opportunities to learn in many different places at St. Jude of the Lake that engage and broaden their learning experiences!

Outdoor Classroom

Learning Integrates with Nature! The outdoors provides incredible hands on opportunities. Students engage with the natural world in the Butterfly Garden on our front lawn. Teachers can choose to use this space as a way to engage students in a different environment from their indoor classroom.

Science & Aquaponics Lab

Fish, Plants, and Students! Experience hands-on, student-led aquaculture and hydroponics growing fresh greens and veggies and Tilapia to be used sustainably (and deliciously) within our wider community.


Innovative Hands-On Learning! 3D Printing, Coding, Turing Tumble, LEGO Challenges, Ozo Bots, Poster Printer, Makerspace and more!

Middle School

Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grades! Come step inside our St. Jude for the Lake Middle School to see how our space and classroom renovations help our students learn! Our Middle School “House” system is an opportunity for team-building, growth, and support during the tumultuous middle school years.

Weekly Mass

Celebrating or Faith! Greeters, Singers, Readers, Servers and more! Come and see our student as they participate and engage at our weekly Mass.