School Lunch Program

We make all of our lunches from scratch, freshly prepared by our expert school chef. Our goal is to provide a healthy meal every day for your child. 

Lunch Menus

Lunch Options

We offer four lunch choices each day:

  • Entrée of the Day w/sides
  • Sandwich of the Day w/sides
  • Alternative Lunch Pak Option of the Day
    (A separate lunch option, such as yogurt packs w/fruit, turkey & cheese munchable w/fruit, or Bagel & cream cheese w/fruit)
  • Soup of the Day w/sides (Oct. – Mar.)


  • Student Lunch: $3.75 (milk included)
  • Adult Lunch: $4.00 (milk included)
  • Additional Milk: $0.30 each
  • A La Carte Items: prices & options vary

How to Order Hot Lunch

Please complete the order forms on ParentSquare by the third Wednesday of the previous month.

Families should make a deposit into the household lunch account for the anticipated amount of money that their student(s) will spend.
Accounts must be current in order to purchase lunch. 

Lunch account deposits can be made three ways: