Hot Lunch Program

We make all of our lunches from scratch, freshly prepared by our expert school chef. Our goal is to provide a healthy meal every day to your child.  In order for us to make this a success, we ask families to order in advance to ensure there are sufficient meals on hand.  Products and supplies are ordered one month in advance.


  • Student Lunch: $3.75 (milk included)
  • Adult Lunch: $4.25 (milk included)
  • Additional Milk: $0.25 each
  • A La Carte Items: $0.50-1.50 each

How to Order Hot Lunch

Families first make a deposit into the household lunch account for the anticipated amount of money that their student(s) will spend. Accounts must be current in order to purchase lunch. Deposits are made via TADS.

We ask families to submit a weekly order form. Families can send in a check with a lunch deposit form to have funds added to a household account. Accounts are viewable through Cornerstone, our Student Information System.

Pay Online Instructions
Deposit Form