History Comes Alive: Our Fifth Grade Wax Museum Spectacular!

Hey there, families and friends!

Guess what? Our fifth graders took us on an epic journey through history with their amazing Wax Museum! It was like stepping back in time and meeting all these incredible people who shaped America!

From George Washington to Betsy Ross, our kids transformed into these historical icons right before our eyes! They put so much effort into it, you wouldn’t believe it! They had the costumes, the props, and they even memorized speeches to tell us all about these famous figures.

It was like being in a time machine! We got to see John Adams and George Washinton with their tricorn hats and wigs, Betsy Ross with her needle and thread, Martha Washington, and so many more. It was so amazing!

What was even more amazing How passionate our students were about sharing what they learned. They didn’t just stand there like statues; they really brought these historical figures to life! They told stories, and made guests feel like we were right there in the past with them.

The attention to detail was out of this world! We felt like we were right there in colonial America, walking down the streets with these historical figures. It was such a blast!

We’ve got some snapshots from the event that we’d love to share with you. Take a look below and see for yourself the magic that our fifth graders created!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our students. It means the world to us and it shows these kids just how much we believe in them.

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