Top 10 Reasons You Should Send Your Child(ren) to
St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School

10. We have cool uniforms.

St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School requires school uniforms, which provide a sense of order and discipline. From a fashion stance, they also level the socioeconomic playing field for families who have enough to worry about, and they give the entire student body a whole new appreciation for navy blue pants, jumpers, shorts, polos, and sweatshirts.

9. Where else can you experience all the splendor?

Our students have the wonderful opportunity to experience grace-filled bonding moments in communal activities such as celebrating weekly Mass, May crowning, All Saints Day Masses, Ash Wednesday, Lent activities, Stations of the Cross, and the Living Rosary. Then there are the sacraments — we celebrate all of the “Firsts” together with Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation.

8. Three letters: CSW.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK IS THE BEST WEEK EVER! For those who have attended Catholic school know this is a week of celebrating the palpable joy found within our school walls. The week reminds us to pause and reflect on the God-given gift of each and every one of our students and families – the source of our joy and reason that our school is our HAPPY PLACE!

7. It is very affordable.

Don’t assume that you cannot afford a Catholic education for your children. Tuition can be expensive, but you’d be surprised how much support our school receives from very generous donors that believe so passionately about the amazing gift of Catholic education that they want to make it a reality for your family too. It is definitely worth investigating before you come to the conclusion it is not a possibility.

6. We guide and lead.

When our students share their gifts with others, they are putting their faith into action, being doers and not just hearers, serving others, not just themselves.

5. We provide automatic backup.

Parents are the primary teachers of their own kids, but they need support from time to time. Catholic schools can provide independent affirmation of the moral values and cardinal virtues you try to instill in your children. What’s more is that our students will see their friends and classmates at weekend Mass, which makes them more willing to attend without a fuss. That’s what I call “positive peer pressure.”

4.We have the MOST dedicated teachers and administrators.

Where else will you find such awesome, motivated, energetic, creative, talented, patient, warm, caring, and appreciative individuals to entrust with the academic and moral formation of your children? Our amazing staff share their gifts of teaching with our students and will be among the most influential people in their lives — and they’re not in it for the money, I assure you. Our teachers love your children and have a passion for what they do!

3. Strong academics.

We take great pride in our focus of individualized learning through our use of small class sizes and 1:1 technology. Studies show that a more personal teacher-student relationship results in more effective, efficient learning.

2. We plant the seeds.

Years of Catholic education does not guarantee a virtuous life, nor does it automatically prevent your child from straying off the right path. What Catholic education does, however, is plant the seed of the Catholic faith, which develops a well-formed conscience that, despite the ravages of opposition and neglect of religion as a priority, may someday experience the amazing grace that leads your now-adult child back to the full embrace of the Church and the true love of Jesus Christ.


St. Jude of the Lake is so much more than just a private Catholic school. We are a community rooted in common beliefs and dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of our students. We celebrate our faith as a part of who we are and how we live our lives. Our faith-based, hands-on Catholic school provides an environment like no other available to children and their families. This is a happy place to be, learn, and grow!

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