Our Solar Suitcases made it to Africa!

🇰🇪 Exciting news from the heart of Kenya! 🇰🇪 The Solar Suitcase crafted by our Middle School students last spring has found its home in Meru, thanks to fantastic partners at WISE.
💡Most of the schools had no or limited access to electricity, which impacted student learning and the times the students could study at the schools.
💙The Solar Suitcase built by students at your school was installed with others at schools in Mumias, Kenya. With the addition of the
Solar Suitcases to light the classrooms and offices, the students will have extended
times to study and prepare for state examinations. The teachers will be able to prep for lessons for an extended time and charge their mobile devices without having to travel long distances. Many of the schools will see increased attendance. They will also
use the Solar Suitcases to learn about solar energy.
💡 This game-changing Solar Suitcase will brighten the future of students in the school with safe and efficient study time with clean LED light. 📚✨ More students continuing their education journey, reaching high school and beyond.
🙌🌟 #SolarSuitcaseSuccess #BrighteningFutures #EducationMatters #PengWINNERS 🐧

One of several of the Solar Suitcases we sent to Kenya with We Share Solar, prepared by last year’s 7th Graders STEM Class.

Journey of the Solar Suitcase