May Crowning 2024

Celebrating Mary: Our May Crowning Recap!

Last week, our school community came together for a beautiful tradition: the May Crowning ceremony. It was such a special time where we honored Mary, the mother of God, and our very own mother too!

We adorned Mary with a crown made of flowers, all while remembering her amazing role in our faith. Mary was not just Jesus’ mom; she was his very first disciple! She said “yes” to God’s plan with total trust, showing us how to follow Jesus with all our hearts.

During the ceremony, we didn’t just honor Mary—we asked for her help too. We believe she’s up there with Jesus now, cheering us on and praying for us, just like a mom would. So, we asked her to guide us as we try to be more like her Son.

Everyone, from students to teachers, joined in with prayers and songs to show our love for Mary. It felt like we were all one big family, coming together to thank our heavenly mom.

May Crowning reminds us to be more like Mary in our own lives: humble, obedient, and full of trust in God’s plan. As we crowned her queen of our hearts, we promised to try our best to follow her example and be more like Jesus.

Whether we’re happy or struggling, we know Mary’s always there, ready to help us out.

Let’s aim to be the kind of disciples Mary would be proud of, showing love and kindness to everyone we meet.